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Reed Diffuser Care

Our reed diffusers are made with high quality products and luxury scented fragrances leaving your home smelling clean & fresh.

Reed diffusers are a great simple way to leave your home smelling fresh with no flame, no toxins or electricity.

At Scented By Tay we know our scented products will leave your home smelling clean & fresh.


Reed Diffuser Set Up

  • Carefully remove your reed diffuser from packaging.

  • Unscrew the cap & carefully remove the stopper.

  • Screw on the cap & add your reeds.

  • Place out of reach from children.

  • Place on a flat surface.

  • We recommend to place your reed diffuser on a coaster or matt to avoid any damages.

Reed Diffuser Care

  • Keep in a high flow area.

  • Flip reeds every 3 days for a fresher scent.

  • Allow 24 hours after setting up to smell your luxury scent.

*Disclaimer* Reed diffuser may cause damage to surfaces such as wood, paint and plastic surfaces if spilt. We recommend placing your diffuser on a coaster/matt and keep away from areas easy to be knocked over.

At Scented By Tay each of our products are handmade to order, personalised for you.

We have a range of colours and jars to suit your home theme.

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