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Summer Vibes Candle

Summer Vibes Candle

Our Summer Vibes candle holds 450g of our soy wax.


Our candles are handmade with luxury scented fragrances of your choice leaving your home smelling amazing.


Please carefully read warning label located at the bottom of the vessel.


Burn time - 48 hours

  • Candle Care Instructions

    • Leave the candle lit for 3-4 hours for the first burn to avoid tunnelling
    • Do not burn candle for longer then 4 hours at a time
    • Trim candle wick before each burn
    • Do not leave candles unattended
    • Keep away from flammable materials
    • Keep your soy candle on a flat surface
    • Keep out of reach from children
    • Keep the burn pool clean
    • Read warning label
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