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Car Diffuser

Car Diffuser

Our small diffusers are filled with your favourite luxury fragrance.

Holds 100mls.

Please follow our care instructions carefully.

How to use -

Unscrew the cap

Remove the plastic cork

Screw on the lid

Tip upside down until the cork is soaked

Place in your car and be ready for your car smelling amazing.


Excess liquid in the cork which may cause leakage, if any leakage wipe straight away as it can varnish paint/plastics.

Improper cleaning or spillage of fragrance/diffuser oil will cause paint to peel.

To clean, simply use a dry cloth to wipe with no detergent or cleaning products.

Items that are damaged by improper cleaning or spillage of oil will not be replaced.

Important Warning: Safety instructions:

*Sometimes the diffuser liquid may absorb into the rope past the wooden/beaded blocker. If this occurs you must be sure the rope is hanging from materials that wont be affected or damaged by the liquid soaked into the rope

  • *Disclaimer*

    Liquid may diffuse up the attached rope and into the bead.

    Wipe all spills immediately as they can varnish surfaces.

    *We do not take responsibility or refunds for damages, please read and follow our care instructions carefully*

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